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Film Director/Screen Play Writer

11. Asani Warsha (Wrath & Rain) - 2004

Released :January 01, 2005

Descriptors: Color

Language: Sinhala


Cast :


Jagath Chamila         

Kamal Addararachchi 

Sanath Gunathilake   

Meena Kumari           

Veena Jayakody        

Mahendra Perera        

Semini Iddamalgoda    

Janaki Wijerathne       

Nilu Hettihewa           

Ranmini Lorensuhewa  

Kasun Chamara          


Vasantha Obeysekera        Director, Screenwriter

Jayanath Gunawardena      Cinematographer

Ravindra Guruge                Film Editor

Premasiri Khemadasa          Composer: Original Music

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Story Line

Pradeep is an impulsive young man, from the wrong side of the social tracks who does dirty work for a local politician. With the help of this politician Pradeep manages to locate the whereabouts of his biological father (Sanjeewa). Pradeep confronts Sanjeewa and tells him that he is the result of a fleeting relationship between Sanjeewa and his mother Renuka, decades ago. Due to the fact that Renuka was of lower social class, Sanjeewa's mother convinced him to break up the relationship and travel abroad for an indefinite period of time. Now Sanjeewa has returned to Sri Lanka with his wife and two young children, only to have his life turn upside down by Pradeep's revelation. Pradeep was relentlessly taunted as a young child. 'Bastard' was one of many insults he had to bare, which lead him to drop out of school by the fifth grade. Now an uneducated young thug, Pradeep is faced with an uncertain future. This is why he begins to ask for money from his biological father, who happens to be a successful businessman. The small amounts of money requested proceed into larger sums and for Sanjeewa this small problem has escalated into a much more dangerous and threatening crisis.


Vasantha Obeysekera is considered one of the best film directors in Sri Lanka by journalists, film reviewers and cinema-goers alike, I wholeheartedly agree with this. But in my opinion his consistency is debatable from film to film. As far as ASANI WARSHA is concerned he's proved his aptitude and ability. The film is exceptional, from the script, to casting, to cinematography, to editing, to scoring; the director has pooled the individual talents of his cast and crew and created a memorable film.

S.V Fernando